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Spain Residence Permit KP Abogados

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    Daria Kvasnevska

    We are your guarantee in international legal proceedings

    Do you need something else? We have it!

    An international and specialized legal defense

    The most complete service, in Spanish, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

    Integral services. In collaboration with the best specialists from the European Union, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Latin America.

    Complete knowledge of nationals and international legislations.

    We had success for a lot of customers, around the world.


    • Spain
    • Russia
    • USA
    • Ukraine
    • China
    • Belarus
    • Georgia
    • Poland
    • Italy
    • Latvia
    • Sweden
    • Israel
    • Dominican Rep.
    • Panama
    • Venezuela
    • Colombia
    • Perú
    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Uruguay
    • Bolivia
    • Ecuador
    • Turkey
    • Equatorial Guinea
    • Guinea-Bissau
    • Morocco
    • Algeria
    • United Kingdom
    • Portugal
    • Armenia
    • Azerbaiyan
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Switzerland
    • Austria
    • Cyprus
    • Kazakhstan
    • Chile
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Cuba
    • Mexico
    • Nigeria
    • Senegal
    • Germany
    • Vietnam
    • South Sudan
    • Philippines
    • Iran
    • Jordan

    Nowadays, we live in a period of globalization and this is the reason why we improve our relationships. To achieve that, we work in all fields without frontiers.

    As a consequence of globalisation, we have to change our residence, our nationality and we create families.

    In addition, we usually work for companies or maybe we want to begin our own business. Professional success and a better personal life always comes due to it. And we move on!

    To achieve all of it succesfull, it is so important to be well advised.

    Our law firm offers you professional advice, legal defense and the most faithfull representation to your goals. You will be duly represented, in front of any entity, private or public.

    We dedicate you the best attention and profesionalism, thanks to our vast experience and the professional diligence of our partners.

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