Applying for asylum at border checkpoints

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Assistance to asylum application at Madrid Barajas airport

This week we have assisted three asylum-seekers at Madrid Barajas Airport, whose applications were admitted to processing with the issuance of the Red Card.

Applying for asylum at border checkpoints Kvasnevska & Partners

Asylum procedure at the border in Spain

The asylum application procedure at the border is processed urgently. That is, in just 4 days the admission to the processing of the application or its refusal is decided, while the applicants remain in the facilities of the Airport.

If the initial application is admitted,it can be appealed within 2 days (Re-examination appeal). If the asylum is finally denied or inadmissible, the return of the applicant will be agreed without having left the Airport or another border post.

But, in the case of admission to the processing of the application, applicants can remain in Spain, waiting for the resolution of the file, which in this case, will be processed by the ordinary way.

Applying for asylum at the border is complicated, since you have to expose and demonstrate the serious and imminent risks of a possible return to the country of origin, so it is important to bring the available evidence of persecution when arriving.

At the border asylum interview, you will always need to be assisted by a lawyer, of your choice, or an officially appointed counselio.

If you need assistance when applying for asylum at the airport or at the border in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us. You will receive urgent assistance from asylum lawyers in these cases.

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