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How do we help you with your immigration procedures?

Often, there is more than one way to solve an administrative situation in the area of ​​immigration. We find the best of them.

Therefore, we answer your questions about the immigration procedures you need to carry out. In Spain, in relation to the European Union or the rest of the world.

We also advise you. So you can choose the option that will benefit you and your family or business the most. And we tell him the way to do it.

Finally, if you need it, we carry out the necessary immigration procedures to regularize your situation. In the most appropriate and fast way possible.

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Sometimes we only have one chance and it is better to be well advised


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Appointment for immigration processing

We manage your previous appointment in immigration for the renewal of residence permits, nationality and other procedures, if you are a KP client.

We can help you with your immigration procedures


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    What immigration procedures do we carry out?

    Streamline your procedures and improve the result, with our help

    • Family member’s card of a citizen of the European Union
    • Permanent Residence Card of a relative of a European Union citizen.
    • Certificates of registration and permanent residence.
    • Authorisation to Stay.
    • Temporary Residence Permit.
    • Family reunification.
    • Stay Permit for students, research or training.
    • Long Term Residence.
    • Modification of authorisations.
    • Return Authorization.
    • Immigration formalities for minors.
    • Renewal of authorisations.
    • Contracting procedures at origin.
    • Mobility agreements for young foreigners.
    • Authorisations for investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified professionals, researchers and workers who carry out intra-company movements.
    • Travel documents.
    • Registration certificates.
    • Residence certificates.

    Telematic procedures for foreigners

    No importa donde se encuentre, nosotros realizamos su trámite.

    • Previous appointment for presentation of requests of proceedings.
    • Telematic payment of authorization fees.
    • Consultations on the status of your authorization
    • Electronic submission of permit renewals and long-term residence applications
    • Telematic contribution of documents to immigration files