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The Spanish Civil Code establishes the following ways to acquire Spanish nationality:

  • By origin.
  • By option.
  • By Nature Letter.
  • By possession of state.
  • Residence permit.

1. Spaniards of origin are:

  • Those born to Spanish parents
  • Those born in Spain, if one of the parents was also born in Spain.

In this case, a file can be made in the Civil Registry of your domicile to declare Spanish nationality with the value of simple presumption.

2. Spanish nationality by option

Foreign citizens can obtain this type of citizenship in the following cases:

  • Those people who are or have been subject to the parental authority of a Spaniard.
  • Those people whose father or mother was Spanish and was born in Spain.
  • Those people whose adoption by Spaniards occurs after eighteen years of age.
  • Those people whose adoption by Spaniards occurs after eighteen years of age.

3. Nationality by Nature Charter

This form of acquisition of nationality is ex gratia and is not subject to the general rules of administrative procedure. It will be granted or not at the discretion of the Government by Royal Decree, after assessing the concurrence of exceptional circumstances.

4. Nationality by state possession

The person who has possessed and used this nationality for ten years, continuously, in good faith, based on a title registered in the Civil Registry, shall have the right to Spanish nationality..

5. Nationality by residence:

This form of acquisition of nationality requires the person’s residence in Spain for 10 years legally, continuously and immediately prior to the request. There are cases in which the required period of residence is reduced; these are:

5 years

For those who have received refugee status.

2 years

For citizens of Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or people of Sephardic origin.

1 year

  • Whoever was born in Spanish territory.
  • Anyone who did not properly exercise their right to acquire Spanish nationality by option.
  • Anyone who has been legally subject to the guardianship, custody or foster care of a Spanish citizen or institution for two consecutive years.
  • Anyone who, at the time of application, has been married to a Spaniard for a year and is not legally or de facto separated.
  • The widower or widow of Spanish or Spanish, if at the time of the death of the spouse they were not separated, in fact or judicially.
  • Those born outside of Spain to a father or mother, (also born outside of Spain), grandfather or grandmother, provided that all of them were originally Spanish.
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