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International Criminal Lawyers Kvasnevska & Partners

International criminal law includes:

– Criminal aspects of international law.

– International aspects of the national criminal law.

Specifically in the national law about the competency in cases which have foreign elements.

Therefore, it requires knowlegde of spanish, european and international laws, in particular, in subjects that require a colaboration between two or more countries in the way to investigate and to judge in criminal law Branch, including extradition.

Due to all of this, the international nature of our law firm allows us to achieve the best efectiveness. Even more in proceedings which have to be solved with spanish, european, ukrainian or russian laws and regulations.

It is something essential to develop a solid defense strategy. Just like when we have to work with documents from Ukraine and Russia.

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Extradition Lawyers Kvasnevska & Partners
EAW Lawyers Kvasnevska & Partners

Kvasnevska & Partners Criminal Law Services

  • European Arrest Warrant
  • Crimes againts public health
  • Passive Extradition
  • Crimes against Government finance
  • Economic crimes
  • Crimes against freedom
  • Against people
  • Crimes against sexual freedom
  • Trafficking crimes
  • Crimes against honor
  • Property crimes
  • Crimes against self privacy
  • Domestic violence
  • Crimes against foreigners
  • Familiar obligation problems
  • Crimes against the public order
  • Another criminal offences

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