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The passive extradition is a procedure which requires a hard legal partnership.

The target of this procedure is to make an alleged offender available to another state by the state required (in which the alleged offender stays at the moment of processing the request), to be judged and to serve the corresponding sentence.

The passive extradition has a difference with the european arrest warrant because in passive extradition, each request, we will find more formality requirements.

The warranties that the requiring state has, could be call into question.

Having a good legal advice in all the stages of the procedure is something essential in the way to elaborate a robust plan of defense.

Also, it is very important to review the details of the extradition request. If it is possible, it’s better to review in the language in which it has been wrote. This review provides the possibility of find some formality mistakes or even the requirement to study the substance of the matter, if it procceds

The extradition is a complex procedure and very long sometimes. We will control all of his stages and we will give you information step by step during the procedure

Kvasnevska & Partners is a highly successful and experienced law firm in complex extradition cases

The most importants decisions have to be decided with the colaboration of the most recognised professionals

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    Some examples of our success:

    La Audiencia Nacional deniega la extradición a Ucrania del exministro de Finanzas de Yanukóvich

    “National Audience denies the extradition to Ukraine of the ex – minister of Finance Yanukóvich”


    andrei yurievich murga

    La Audiencia Nacional niega la extradición a Rusia de un político perseguido por Putin

    “The Spanish National Court denies the extradition to Russia of a politician persecuted by Putin”


    Kvasnevska & Partners Lawyers Spain extradition andrei murga

    Passive extradition in Spain is regulated by:

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    The most importants decisions have to be decided with the colaboration of the most recognised professionals